Identifying patterns of top performers

With an employee productivity monitoring system, work in a more transparent environment and effectively manage your team.

Computer Tracker

Computer Activity Tracking

Our system always knows how employees use their time. Which apps and websites do they spend most of their working time? Are they working hard or browsing social media?

Project tracking

Project time tracking

With the project tracking module, know precisely how much time your employees spent on each task. Already have you implemented your project management tool? No problem, FocusT has integration with the most popular project management systems!

Free API

Our two-way API allows you to synchronize data with already existing systems that you use.

Easy Setup

An intuitive and user-friendly interface will help you set up your account in a few minutes.

Instant Screenshot

Just one click and you get an Instant Screenshot for anyone using the system

Flexible Company structure

Organizing your employees will be easy by using our flexible company structure, whether it is a small company with few departments or a big one with a complicated structure.

Advanced Reporting

With advanced reporting, always be informed of your employee or team's performance. How much time does it take for a specific task or project? Compare planned hours to actually spent hours for tasks and projects.

Flexible Dashboard

Anything you need to have in one place. You can customize your dashboard and check real-time data for your company.

Ready to join the journey?

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